Welcome to Magpie Designs

We’re a Graphic Design studio, based just north of London and specialising in the use of illustration. For more than 14 years we have been designing products that communicate through colour, line, shape, pattern, form, space – but above all style. Our portfolio and client base is diverse, and we love the challenge of something new. To date, we have been responsible for a complete range of related work – from branding and logo identity, through to anything that can be printed, animations, websites and interactive products. In terms of pure illustration, we provide commissioned images for the advertising, publishing and editorial sectors.

We also feel that design is much more than our job – it’s a responsibility. Good design is for everybody! Beyond our commercial client work we have a strong history of leading on creative projects within educational settings and local communities and assisting registered charities achieve their design needs regardless of budget. To compliment our social responisbility as designers, we’re committed to eco-firendly printing.

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