Some nice things our clients have to say about working with us:

” Magpie Designs was commissioned as part of a £550,000 regeneration project in North London. Over a year, they project managed the creative delivery for over 30 business premises receiving new signage and facades. Their background in both design and education meant they were able to execute this project working directly with local students and the community. The end result delivered sincere, authentic and highly professional work that garnered much praise from local businesses and all those involved. Magpie Designs’ creative and professional contribution transformed the project ensuring the initial goals were exceeded. “

Russell Moffatt, Project Manager, Haringey Local Authority

Magpie Design’s work was timely, accurate and creative. A rare combination given the extreme time constraints under which we asked them to work. We were delighted with the outcome of this project and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others for similar projects.”

Matt Warder, Edleman

“Magpie Designs delivered my branding and associated print designs in many different formats to my exacting specifications, incorporating both hand-drawn illustration and complimenting graphics. The final work precisely reflected my vision for the look and feel of the brand.”

Naava Carmen, Cakeophony

“The project involved working directly with a class of Key Stage 1 young people to create a 10-minute animation. The finished product was phenomenal and exceeded all our expectations. Magpie Design’s talent, immense knowledge of their profession and passion generated a creatively infectious environment to work in. Their working relationship with the students was always as equals and engaging. Many teachers and parents have commented on the amazing piece of work created by the students in partnership with Magpie Designs.”

Deborah Mauchline, Project Teacher, West Acton Primary School

“We approached Magpie Designs to develop marketing material for the Empty Property Team that was unique compared to previous efforts. Their collaborative approach yielded two key designs pieces in the form of an interactive, illustrated brochure combined with a CD animation insert. Once implemented into our work, we saw a dramatic increase in successful engagements with new clients and quickly placed a second run for both pieces. Through their work, Magpie Designs made our vision a reality and the process was very simple – we strongly recommend them.”

Empty Property Team, Newham Local Authority

“As with most projects, we had a loose brief and a short deadline yet Magpie Designs managed to deliver a great looking product that really brought our client’s research to life. This was thanks not only to their skills as designers but their capacity to understand the pressures we work under and ability to adapt quickly to changing information and amends. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Magpie Designs and indeed, have already asked them to work on another project.”

Paul Wooding, Edleman, UK